Case Old Murphy Jail House

Murphy Old Jail House

Case 201000930: Old Murphy Jailhouse

Background: The 1922 Jailhouse being torn down for the expansion of the courthouse. Several suicides and where Eric Rudolph was placed when first caught.

Legend Has It: Many sightings have been seen at this old jailhouse that no longer stands. Voices and shadows that lurked around the cells, African-Americans that were placed in the based during a rain storm that flooded, drowning them all and the local town drunk "Old Bill" that reformed in the jail to later help all who came through those barred doors has been seen and heard by all.

Team members: Keith, Lori, Jon, Barbara H, Barbara V, Rudy and Audry

A special thanks to the Murphy Police Dept. for keeping a lookout for any "jailbirds" that might escape while we were looking around. Thanks Officer Wooten.

Equipment Used: 2 K2 meters, 4 digital Cameras, 2 Frank Boxes and 2 digital Voice Recorders

Ghost Weather:Waning Gibbous Moon 50%, Class C, Very low due to last quarter. Time: 7:30pm ~ 9:30pm. We were not allowed to be in the condemned building for no more than 2 hours per the city officials. The following morning the old jailhouse was demolished.