Digital Recorder

Digital recorders are, without a doubt, one of the most important pieces of equipment that you should have in your investigator toolbox. Digital recorders are used for many different purposes throughout an investigation. Recorders are used for interviews, spontaneous thoughts, and electronic voice phenomena (EVP). When using recorders, be sure to state the location, time of investigation, and investigators names. When recording names of investigators, it would be wise to have each individual present state their own name, which will make it easier for distinction amongst voices heard on the recorder during review.

Voice Activation Mode should be deactivated during use when you are trying to achieve electronic voice phenomena. This is due to the fact that it usually cuts off beginnings of words, sentences, and phrases. If the recorder comes equipped with a counter, record the locations on the recording where any audible phenomenon is being heard during review. Parabolic microphones are an advantage to have when ghost hunting. These microphones amplify sounds that are a great distance away or below your range of hearing. When used with a recorder, this will increase the chances of recording electronic voice phenomena.