Welcome to the Cherokee County Paranormal Society
To Seek the truth no matter where it lies

Located in Murphy, North Carolina we are a Paranormal Research Group comprised of dedicated Paranormal Investigators whom take a scientific approach to finding and allowing the evidence to speak the truth.

Many people experience natural phenomenon that may lead them to believe it is of a Paranormal Nature. Our goal is to assist people in understanding and coping with a “Paranormal Experience” or “Natural Experience”; while furthering our own research and understanding. Our investigative team is trained and experienced in locating and identifying the many causes mistaken for Paranormal activity. We use multiple and diverse methods in our research to study the phenomena related to reported Paranormal locations.

With the use of quantitative (systematic empirical investigation of properties and phenomena) and qualitative data (a method of inquiry appropriated in many different academic disciplines) collected on an investigation along with historical research enables us to study all factors related to any Paranormal activity which may be occurring.

Our primary goal is to help everyone we can, free of charge, with their questions, concerns or fears of spirit activity in their home or business. The research aspect of our work comes second to giving assistance and understanding to those who contact us. We hope to do this by researching the situation and educating them as to the true nature of their haunting as well as giving them the information and understanding to create a livable resolution for the person and the spirit.

In the process of pursuing our goal, we also wish to gather and collate data that will lead to the better understanding of ghosts and hauntings. We are open minded to all theories and methods, this is not an exact science, all of us in this field are learning as we go and hopefully, in the end, this will create the theories and proof necessary to bring the subject of ghosts into the mainstream.

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