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- Founder - - Investigator - Member since 2010

AKA - "The Runner"

I first got my taste of the paranormal while living in a house in Brentwood, TN, that was on the border of the Franklin Battlefield. There was a slave wall going through our property, and we would find civil war artifacts and turn them in to the bank for a reward.  During my time living there, we had several "personalities" living with us including entities in my room, my brother's room and our piano room.  Lucky for me, my experience was all fun and games since I had a friend at all times looking after me.  My second experience was at the Mooreland Estate Plantation, also in Brentwood.  This experience was more of the sinister side. I met several of the original house owners, including Ruth, who I can thank for losing my front teeth.

I formed the Cherokee County Paranormal Society in 2010 for my love in the preservation of our local history.  The Legend Has It Tours was born through an idea of presenting our findings to the public in a fun and entertaining manner.  Since its conception, Legend Has It Tours every year has been expanding our stories and helping local organizations.  My favorite part of the Tours is watching people's reactions to the stories, locations, and using our paranormal equipment.  On the tours, I am one of the Tour Guides.

Investigator - - Tech/Treasurer/Secretary - Member since 2011

I have always had an interest in the paranormal.  I became a member of Cherokee County Paranormal Society as a skeptic.  Since my membership, I have had several "confrontations". As I continue my memberships with Cherokee County Paranormal Society, I remain a skeptic, but have a more "open mind".

- Investigator - - Tech - Member since 2013

I have always, even as a child, been interested in the unexplained and paranormal.  When I add into my interest, my own experiences with the paranormal, I found that I just wanted to learn more and try to find the truth.  The added bonus of being a member of Cherokee County Paranormal Society is learning the history of the area.  I have lived in this area all my life and finding out more about the history is fascinating!

- Investigator - - Tech/Sergeant-at-arms - Member since 2014

AKA - "The Bagpipe Hunter"

My wife, Patti, was involved in Cherokee County Paranormal Society, and I also had an interest in the paranormal. I wanted to try to find the truth - what is real and what is not real.

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