Digital Camera

Cameras are a valuable tool for investigating a haunting. They provide a visual documentation of the site and the phenomena occurring. Cameras are neither for nor against the supernatural allowing what we do not see with our closed minds to be photographed.

When attempting psychic photography, prepare your digital camera before arriving at the investigation site. When taking pictures, it is also wise to say “flash” BEFORE snapping the photo. The most opportune time for you to take a photo will be when you have the feeling something is near you or watching you - you will know that feeling.

While photographing at the site, you should try to avoid any unnecessary focus points that might have lights, reflective surfaces, poles or any other obstruction that will interfere with evaluation or determination of the photograph and its elements. Any photos taken and given to CCPS will become the property of CCPS.

Since 2004, digital cameras have become relatively inexpensive to attain and obtain good quality results. They have been successful in many investigations, picking up orbs, ectoplasm, full and partial apparitions, and other experiences like their 35mm cousins. The greatest benefit of a digital camera is the immediate review a team investigator can perform on the photo. A disadvantage with a digital camera is they can often cause artifacts to appear in the photo that would not been seen on a 35mm film. This is the reason why we MUST NOT draw conclusions right away with a digital photo until all the information pertaining to that photo has been reviewed. 

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