Case Tilley Bend Cemetery

Tilley Bend Cemetery

Case 2010082829: Tilly Bend

Location: Blue Ridge, Georgia N 35° 05.077 W 084° 01.970 or 16S E 770521 N 3886455

Background: Est. early 1800's. A church in the woods with a bloody past that surround the grounds.

Legend Has It: Around 1900 the Tilley and the Stanley families were having a feud. One Sunday during services, a group of the Stanley's came to the church and started shooting into the church, killing several of the Tilleys. Not to be outdone, the Tilley clan went into Stanley gap and killed several of the Stanley's. The story goes that Elizabeth Jane was an Indian Creek witch and was so angry with the killing that she placed a curse on the church that there would be no babies born alive. This is the reason there are so many unmarked baby graves there. The babies died for many years and in 1906 the congregation hanged Elizabeth Jane from the tree she is buried under. Because, they thought she was a witch she was buried facing west. The babies continued to die and exactly one year later they hanged Mary, who was her sister in law. Strange fact is there are only 3 Tilley's burried there. Benjamin Tilley, who founded the church, is buried in Ellijay. It is also true that Elizabeth Janes grave is facing west Rather than the east which is customary.

Team members: Keith, Jon, Price, Ann, Doc, Gail, Patti, Mark, Steve

Special Thanks to the Fannin Co. Sheriff Dept. for keeping the peace that night. Thanks to all the Fans and Pastor Ed that showed up to help with the investigation and debunking some of the local myths.

Equipment Used: 3 K2 meters, 1 K3 meter, 3 digital Cameras, 2 Cam Recorders, 2 Frank Boxes and 3 digital Voice Recorders

Ghost Weather: New Moon, M Class Flare

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