EMF Detector

Emf Detector

The Electromagnetic Field Detector, also known as an EMF, is the modern-day ghost researcher's tracking device and is a very important piece of equipment. With this instrument, it is possible to locate and track energy sources.

Before using an EMF as a ghost research tool on an investigation, be sure to walk around the area and take readings around energy sources such as light poles or electrical outlets. This will ensure the readings you receive while scanning the area during the investigation. Most units, when purchased, come with a manual describing most household and major appliances and their corresponding electromagnetic reading. A K2 meter is unidirectional. The detection port is located on the battery side or opposite the indicator.

When using the EMF as a tracking device, look for fluctuations of 2.0 to 7.0. This usually indicates spirit presence. Anything higher or lower normally has a natural source.

In addition to the EMF meter, a less expensive device called a K2 Meter has a LED bar that goes from green to red. When this starts to flash, it might indicate the presence of a spirit. These devices are also used in communication to allow the spirit to light the device for a “YES” or “NO” response to a question.

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